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Pork Shoulder Roast


Korean BBQ Brisket Style Pork Shoulder Roast

Our pork shoulder roast takes a little more time to cook but so worth the wait.  The Korean BBQ flavour has a hint of sweetness to the blend of herbs and spices. If you don’t have a rack, you can use vegetables or pieces of rolled foil to elevate the meat from the bottom of the pan. The last 20-30 minutes of high temperature cooking are crucial to the great taste. The caramelization on the outside brings out the flavour that you will love!




Pork, sugar, dried vegetables (onion, garlic, red bell peppers, chives), fructose, soy sauce powder (soybean, salt), spices, salt, vinegar, smoke flavour

Cooking Instructions
  1. Place brisket on a rack or on a few roasting vegetables (onion, carrot, celery) in a roasting pan. Cover tightly with foil and cook for 1 ½ hours at 350°F.
  2. Remove foil, increase heat to 500°F and cook for an additional 20-30 minutes, until very brown and crisp.
  3. Remove from oven, cover and let rest for 10 minutes before carving. Slice across the short side of the roast and serve.